About the Project

Welcome to BathySent project website!

We had the idea that we could create maps of shallow bathymetry using a single Sentinel 2 dataset.  ​With the help of the European Space Agency, BRGM, HCMR and CloudFerro, the idea came true. This is what this project is about: bathymetry form Sentinel 2: Bathy-Sent

In this website, we show how we start from measuring the celerity of the sea/ocean waves from space, and how this physical variable is related to shallow bathymetry. We will tell you about how we proposed to develop the method taking advantage of Cloud computing at Creodias and the field validation of the final maps with our fellow researchers in Oceanography at HCMR.   

All of this was possible thanks to the Permanent Open Call for innovative projects, fostered by ESA.




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