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Validation & Performance Assessment

The main objective of the validation activity is to specify the uncertainty of the derived coastal bathymetry results as extracted by the proposed novel approach using the Sentinel-2 mission. We produced data packages on Kos Island, Kasos island and Crete island, Greece. Ultra-resolution swath bathymetry data were acquired by HCMR onboard R/V Alcyon (HCMR) during a 4-day cruise realized from 8th to 12th of October 2019, in the frame of BathySent project. In addition, bathymetric data were collected at very shallow waters (1-10 m) by the use of a single beam echo sounder. A comparison with the « linear ratio model » multispectral method is also performed here.

“In-situ ultra-resolution swath bathymetry data to validate the retrieved water depths.”

The absolute differences between conventional EO-based bathymetry retrieval approaches (linear ratio model) and the proposed innovative solution using Sentinel-2 data are overall lower than 2m. According to the outcomes of the evaluation analysis, both models were considered to give results that are more reliable within the depth zone of 5-25m.

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