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Wide Area Demonstration

We chose to process five Sentinel 2 full frames over the South-Western coast of Portugal. It represents ~900 km of coast. This area of Europe is hit by ocean swell regularly, therefore it represent a potential favorable test for retrieving bathymetry deeper than 14 meters.

“Clouds can help us go for global EO-based bathymetry retrieval using Sentinel-2 archive.”

The BathySent Python code ran on the Creodias cloud computing facilities. For each of the Sentinel 2 frames, we processed all the available archived data between 2018 and 2019. Depending on the frame, this number varies between 50 and 180 acquisitions per frame. No pre-processing is performed. Post-processing is needed, along with visual selection of each bathymetric results, in order to adjust the final processing parameters and filtering of spurious contribution to the final bathymetric map. We found depth up to 40 meters.

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